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The only one website that display everything about color. Not just one or two images, but hundreds to thousands of colors and images are all available on this website. An amazing website that provides many colors in the form of images, colors become a very important thing in our lives. Color has its own appeal for humans. Moreover, this website also display a various design of house and painting that be a payload that is no less interesting than the color. Not only on paintings, home furniture nor wall paint have interesting color variations. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with the picture presentation on this website.

When you click in this website, it tool will load and find a color size and show color list that you want. For the example are color image, color name, color size and color combination. This is a great site. Because there are many colors detected and the size. And other advantage is show list of color size quickly. So, explore and enjoy this site to find various colors.

Generally, bright color gives a cheerful and happy impression. While soft color gives a tranquility and softness. For the use of color depend by each people. Like a color in room believed to be able to stimulate mind activity and mentally. If the color appropriate and you like the color, this can even have an impact on increasing your analytical skills.

A color has many effect for this life and also for our mind. In the use of several types of colors, the blue colors often associated with professionalism and trust. Furthermore, blue colors is one of basic colors and can to combine with other color, for the example is basic color combination if blue colors poured with other basic color such as yellow colors so the results is green colors. Maybe, this is the reason why this colors was liked. Therefore, this color is very appropriate to use in a room.

Other than blue, beige and brown combinations also become a favorite colors of many people, they applying colors in their wall. The combinations of white and black color also became the election for some people. And now, soft color also popular especially for young people.

Part of the base color is red, blue and yellow. While the secondary color is a combination between the two primary colors, such as red combined with yellow will be the color orange, then the color blue and red that produce purple color, and finally the combination of blue and yellow that produces green color. Then the color of tertiary. Tertiary color is a combination of secondary colors.

The combination of colors can produce a very amazing color. You can apply in objects around us, such as on the wall, color selection of clothes, color furniture, color painting, decoration etc.

Apart from basic colors, a color combinations and color wheel that become a special content in this website, there are also a various kind of house designs and painting also interesting than color. Because, from basic colors and combinations color which provide with this website, we can applying colors in wall, furniture or in painting.

Just do a search on this website, you can find a various Interior Paint, Interior Design, Exterior Paint and Exterior Design. The inspirations of various wall paint can make your home more beautiful and cozy for occupied. Design ideas that completed with amazing decorations can be your inspiration for decorate house.

Not only overall part of a house, but also design each room and its decorations. For the example, bathroom design with equipped of bathtub, toilet, shower, sink, cabinetry, as well as sleeping lamps and wall decorations and ceiling design. Various types of houses are also contained in this website, such as classic type, simple, minimalist, elegant or luxury type. With many design options accompanied by the detailed layout, it is more convenient and can be an ingredient of your consideration in determining the design and color suitable for your home.

Not only inspiration from home design, this website also display many pictures of painting, Ideas Painting, Color Combination and Best Painting Colors. From the simplest paintings to the most beautiful and realistic, everything is summarized neatly in this website. If you want to start learn to paint, you can search with “How to draw or how to paint” keyword. There are also several paintings and intended for everyone who find references to which objects are interesting to paint.

Many things related to a painting, such as media, colors and techniques. The first is media. There are two media that can used for painting, namely two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. Paintings can use the media of board, canvas, cloth, wall or paper. In fact, painting can also be done on the medium of food, such as cake. For your information, painting on food must use ingredient that safe to consume.

In addition to the media, the color selection of a painting certainly determines how the final outcome, effects and imagination are captured by the connoisseurs. And the last point is technique, can be said as the way the artist in painting. Each technique used will produce a different image and the resulting effect will also differ. From these three key points, the website features tons of paintings with different media, colors and techniques that can inspire you all. For example the Sunset painting on the beach and there is a sailboat, painted using acrylic paint with the media canvas, everything looks real like the result of the photo.

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